MBRP Powersports Brand Design

As a consistent forerunner in the power-sports industry, MBRP paved a new road in the world of after market snowmobile exhausts. MBRP has since evolved its dynamic brand to be presented under one identity. In order to ensure the fluidity of their offerings, MBRP decided to keep their monicker, but build a new image for their power-sports market.

We were hired to design the logo and the brand visuals for MBRP’s power-sports lineup. Having worked alongside the MBRP brand for 6 years, we were confident that we could both reinforce and reimagine the MBRP brand for this new look. We worked closely with the founder of MBRP and delivered this timeless mark that both reminds its audience of MBRP’s rich tradition and casts vision towards an exciting future.

The logo was heavily influenced from the classic DAFONT font “ethnocentric” which had been a staple in many MBRP visuals. The logo is bold, confident, strong, and versatile. A type based mark that provides a robust solution for any brand.


MBRP Powersports

Our Role

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