Fivepoint Landscaping Brand Design

FivePoint landscaping is a bold startup focusing on landscape and excavation in the Lake of Bays and Muskoka region. With both a modern and traditional style, Fivepoint looks to revolutionize Muskoka’s natural landscape.

We were hired to create Fivepoint’s entire visual brand. They wanted to hit the ground running, and we made it happen. First, we took the time to understand Fivepoint’s story, where they came from and where they want to go. Next, we did what we do best—we created a logo with substance.

We did that using a combination of hills and leaves, making the logo memorable and unique. The brand visuals to follow boast a clean and timeless look; complex enough to catch the eye and simple enough to be remembered.


Fivepoint Landscaping

Our Role

Branding, Logo Design,  graphic design, print design, signage design, vehicle wrap, website LP design / development